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So, I'm sick as hell. And to make up for it, I'm watching South Park. What has my life become?

Anyways I hope you guys have an awesome holiday and all that. I'm also going to be working on an art trade. You know who you are. :3


have a good holiday, ya'll
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For Cheryl: Madam Velvet Ratigan and Fern Rathbark by WingsOfASong
For Cheryl: Madam Velvet Ratigan and Fern Rathbark
A belated birthday present for :iconcherlnida: a good friend and an even greater inspiration. The lady on the right with the pants is her genderbent version of Basil Ing Rathbark named Fern Ing Rathbark, a plucky feminine detective who works hard to prove herself equal to any man. The one on the left is Madam Velvet Ratigan, the luscious Dutchess of Crime and Ferny's eventual love interest. The dolls were made with courtesy of:… I hope you like these, darling! And a happy belated birthday to you. :heart:

These two lovely ladies belong to :iconcherlnida:

The male counterparts belong to :icondisneyplz:
Queen Mousetoria appeared to be a no-nonsense mouse on the outside, but underneath was a kind and caring heart. Against the wishes of those who advised her, the small rotund monarch made strides to see the different creatures of her kingdom treated with the proper respect, though due to her gender, she was oftentimes overlooked. She hoped to teach her subjects tolerance as her reign went on, and she tried her very best to pass that tolerance down to her only daughter, Princess Rachelle. The monarch looked up from her copy of the Daily Mouse to see her adopted daughter gazing forlornly out the window of Buckingham Palace.

"Whatever seems to be the matter, my dear?" She said as she always did when her daughter was in one of her moods. The young mouse sighed heavily, still gazing out the window. Daydreaming again, the queen thought with a shake of her head. "Rachelle?" She quipped. The lovely mouse started in a rather affected way and turned her violet eyes to her mother.

"Oh, nothing is the matter, Mother." She answered with another one of her fluttery sighs. "I was just watching the mice out on the street, and thinking." That would be a first, a nasty little voice in the queen's head said snidely. She brushed it away, smiling at her daughter and sitting next to her at the window seat.

"What were you thinking about?" She asked as her daughter once again turned her attention to the outside world.

"Just what it would be like to be one of them," she replied, resting her lovely cheek on her delicate hand. "You know, to be normal instead of special." That nasty little voice was back again, and urging the queen to roll her eyes at her daughter's dramatics.

"Rachelle dear, being a princess does not make you abnormal at all," Mousetoria said kindly. "Every rodent in the world is special and has their own place in the world. You just found yours early, that's all." Rachelle turned to her mother, her delicate eyebrows creased.

"But Mother, I don't want this to be all that I am!" She decreed suddenly. "I want to do something adventurous with my life! Something glamorous! Something a mystery!" Her violet eyes gleamed with a new light and she picked up the book that was laying in her lap, hugging it to her chest. "I wish I could be like Basil of Baker Street. He's so smart, and brave, and wonderful, and..." she gave a moony sigh while her mother just sat there and blinked.

"Rachelle," she said patiently. "I have told you before that being a princess is not ribbons and lace, it's a far more serious position than that. You have royal duties such as attending openings for new buildings, reading and signing laws, keeping up with our royal government, and standing in when I am not available." She laid a paw on her daughter's shoulder. "I know it may seem tiresome and thankless, and to be honest, it is. And I can understand wanting an adventure, but dearest, you have a very important job to do here, and so does Mr. Basil. What he does isn't fun and games, it's serious and very dangerous." But of course, the princess was not listening. Instead, she continued to stare out the window, chin resting on her folded arms.

"One day, I shall see the outside world and I will be a part of it. And they'll see that I am just as they are." She said, more to herself than to her mother. The Queen sighed and gave up. Rachelle seemed to be in that place where children thought they knew better than their parents. She had read about it in one of the new studies a local psychologist had been doing. He had assured her when she sent for him for advice on her daughter that it was a phase, and it would pass. Somehow, Mousetoria highly doubted it. Rachelle may have become a young mousette, but in her heart and mind, she was still a child.

Rachelle waited until her mother had left her alone. She just didn't understand, no one in the palace did. She wanted to be normal instead of the special girl she knew herself to be. "Oh, why was I cursed with such trivialties!" She cried out in despair. "I wish I could just run away and do as I liked every day, just like Mr. Basil does." She clutched the book to her chest again, sighing dreamily at the thought of the brave, handsome detective. Her ears perked when she heard a knock at the door. "Yes? Who is it?" She asked, hiding the book under the cushion of the seat.

"Elijah, ma'am." A soft voice said. Rachelle practically flew to the door and threw it open.

"Oh hello Elijah. Did you need something?" She asked the small dormouse. Elijah rubbed the back of his neck.

"I was just sent to tell you that tea is ready, if you're feeling up to it." He answered with a small blush in his cheeks. Rachelle smiled kindly at him and giggled. She had that effect on all the males of the palace.

"I'm not hungry, really." She said with a sigh. "I was just reading, and..." she waited for his gasp of surprise. Really, a woman reading! Elijah just stared at her.

"Yes, Your Highness?" He asked, waiting for her to continue. Rachelle sat down on the window seat with a flounce.

"Oh pooh, it doesn't really matter. I was just mouse watching, and wondering what it would be like to be common." She said, looking out the window again. "Like you, Elijah." The dormouse flushed with embarrassment.

"Oh, well I don't think it would be suitable for a lady like you, Your Highness." He said humbly. "You have to work awful hard every day, and sometimes, it's not enough to put anything on the table. Though, I wouldn't want to be a prince, either. It's so much hard work to remember all those things at once." Rachelle nodded, though she didn't seem to be listening.

"Elijah?" She asked. "Do you think Mother will ever let me out of this dreary palace?" The dormouse looked confused.

"Er, doesn't she let you go to market every Thursday?" He asked, rubbing the back of his ear. Rachelle's violet eyes lit up and her tail started to wag.

"Oh, that's perfect! I'll disguise myself as a commoner and sneak out to market! Oh Elijah, you're so clever!" Elijah was still very much confused when the princess swooped down on him and kissed his cheeks before running to a chest of drawers and flinging through various dresses.

"Your Highness, why don't you just ask your mother if you can go to market with her?" He asked as various flying dresses landed on his head. Rachelle gave a tinkling laugh.

"Because then she'll know, silly. If I'm in disguise, and don't tell her, she won't suspect a thing!" She pulled out a nice, but more worn-looking older dress. She made a face and tossed it aside, settling for a nicer gown with more ribbons. "This will be perfect!" Elijah was about to tell her that anyone would be able to recognize her in that dress, but he bit his tongue. He was a smart little mouse, and he knew that once the girl put her mind to something, it was nearly impossible to talk her out of it. Quick as a flash, she dashed behind the divider and threw the gown on while piling her very long hair into a neat little chignon held with silver pins. She grabbed a traveling pink shawl and draped it over herself, and went to admire herself in the mirror. "I look the part, don't you think?" She giggled. Elijah just sighed and nodded. The Princess beamed at him and removed her crown as she put the shawl around her head. "Now, be sure to tell my mother than I'm not feeling well, and will be in bed all day. She'll never suspect a thing!" She giggled and hugged herself. "This is going to be such fun!" This is going to be a bloody nightmare, Elijah thought to himself.
The Case of the Missing Princess
So, a while ago (like maybe three years ago) I had written and not completed a silly stupid story called Plan B where the main heroine was my Sue of all Sues, Her Royal Highness the Princess Rachelle of Mousedom. She got mixed up in a kidnapping, and was taken back to Ratigan's lair where she met the thugs and the famous rat himself. Hilarity ensued, and poor much-abused Basil was entrusted with finding her. I read through it and didn't like what I had of it, so I've decided to do a little revamp of it. It's going to follow Rachelle most of the time, and it won't make a whole lot of sense, but that's precisely the point with Mary Sue stories. Plot happens because the author dictates it and canon is bent over and made her bitch. So, if you find this hard to follow, message me and I'll try my best to let you know what's going on in the Princess Sue's head.

The Sterling Scandal isn't going away, by the way, for those interested. It's just on a little hiatus for a bit until I can figure out what the balls to do with the plot.

I am in no way affiliated with Disney, and I have no legal claim to the Great Mouse Detective. The only thing that's my own here is Rachelle and the various OCs that will show up in all this hullabaloo. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and often used for satirical purposes.

Enjoy what I have so far, and let me know if you like it! I always am looking for feedback, constructive or otherwise.

Much love, Wingsy
Her Royal Highness the Princess Rachelle Anna Sapphire Ravenswood Way Arendelle Belle-Marie Elsa Mousetoria (fuck that's a mouthful) of Mousedom

Fur color: Snow white

Hair: off-white blonde and hangs at a mouse equivalent of 14 feet (basically she's mouse Rapunzel)

Eyes: Lavender

Ethnicity: American, yet somehow part of the British Monarchy because she is a Special Unique Snowflake of Special Unique Specialness

Species: Mouse

Occupation: Princess of all Mousedom, part-time opera singer

Weapon of Choice: her immense beauty and the power of her singing voice. In parody works, she has ice powers

Bases: Elsa from Frozen, Bella Swan, Rapunzel, Anna from Frozen, Odette from Swan Princess

Voice: Idina Menzel (who else will be able to belt Let it Go at inopportune times?)

Appearance: Rachelle is considered the most beautiful mouse in the kingdom. Her snow white fur and off-white hair combined with her violet eyes makes her a very fetching lady indeed. She is small and delicate like a china doll and yet has luscious curves. She can eat anything she wants and not gain an ounce (I suppose it all goes to her 14 foot long hair). She wears the height of Victorian fashion in varying hues of pink, purple, and white. She even has a wedding dress picked out in case the mouse of her dreams (Basil) ever asks her to marry him. She wears a silver tiara (the likeness of Aurora's from Sleeping Beauty, only silver) and a diamond necklace along with studded diamond earrings. Her nose is small, perky, and pink. Rachelle also is in possession of a long red cloak which she dons when she ventures out to mingle among the commoners and pester Basil.

*Orphaned for unknown reasons, she was found and taken in by Queen Mousetoria herself and automatically made a princess. (Actually, it was a typo on her birth certificate). Rachelle has always been royalty. She was princess of a faraway land, but her evil stepmother was jealous of her profound beauty and banished her to Mousedom. At least, that's all she can remember.

* Though she may come across and ditzy and incompetent, she is a very charged political speaker

*In Mary Sue parody works, she has ice powers akin to Elsa from Frozen and acts much the same way the would-be Snow Queen does

*She has a very large crush on Basil of Baker Street that is most definitely not returned

*She loathes and fears rats due to their size and characteristics of the species (such as the tail, the blunt snout ect.)

*When within hearing distance of Professor Ratigan's name, she will sink into a deep faint

*She claims to be a princess by day and an opera singer by night. This is not the case. She just sits around Buckingham Palace and sings.

*Though her outward appearance is kind, she only extends this kindness to others of her own species

*She is a Parody Sue and is not meant to be taken seriously, but is also used in more serious works as an antagonist
On the Road Bios: The Antagonist
So, normally there are two antagonists in the series, but Daniel already has his bio up and he's the primary antagonist. This is the secondary antagonist and she also plays a role in the eventual sequel to the Sterling Scandal I have cooking in my brainy parts. So, without further ado, here is the newly revamped, extra Sueish Rachelle Mousetoria! I added some Frozen shit in there due to my indifference to the film, the internet's love for it, and the startlingly large amount of Sues that now have Elsa's powers and her issues.

This might be the last bio for now. I'll be posting AU bios for both my version of Rattypants and Sarah as well.
Delia McKillian

Fur color: Dark brown

Hair: Dark brown and graying, pulled into a neat bun at the base of her neck

Eyes: Black

Ethnicity: American

Species: Hamster

Occupation: Head housekeeper to the Ratigan home

Weapon of Choice: Ladles and cooking spoons

Bases: Big Mama (from Fox and the Hound), Motormouth Mabel (Hairspray)

Voice: Pearl Bailey

Appearance: Delia is a heavyset rotund older hamster that usually wears white blouses and grey skirts with an apron. She is usually armed with either a cooking spoon or a rolling pin and is seen in the kitchen, or looking after the Bennett children.

*Delia is considered the mother hen of the Bazalgette staff, and is especially protective of the children in the household

* She is one of Ratigan's oldest and dearest friends, he sees her more as a mother than anything else

*She does not tolerate back-sass, and is not fond of strangers in her kitchen.

*She has a wry sense of humor, but she usually keeps her comments to herself, or mutters them under her breath

*Armed with a ladle, she is a force to be reckoned with. She will whack any paws that wander too close to her pies.

*She won over Ratigan's trust through her warmth, good humor, and outstanding cooking skills

*She was raised in Louisiana, and moved to London with Ratigan when he offered her a job and a nicer life

Faith Summers

Fur color: Golden with a white underbelly

Hair: Light brown and pulled into either a braid or a bun

Eyes: Deep dark brown with long lashes

Ethnicity: English

Species: Mouse

Occupation: Head maid

Weapon of Choice: None

Bases: Alice's Sister (from Alice in Wonderland), Auntie Shrew (Secret of NIMH)

Voice: Cate Baur (voice of Perdita in 101 Dalmatians)

Appearance: Faith is a mouse of style, despite her occupation as a maid. She always makes sure she's neat, tidy, and presentable as well as proper. She is a very lovely mouse and when she isn't working at the Ratigan household, she wears the finest gowns in London. She is quite prissy and prudish, but she does genuinely care for the household.

*Though she may seem otherwise, she has no problems with rats

* Believes she has the children's best interests at heart, and she usually does, but she can be very vocal if she doesn't like how things are run

*She has a great respect for the Professor and sees him as an uncle

*She is a bit suspicious of Sarah when she comes in, and fears that she may have ulterior motives in mind

*Despite her conflicting views on rats and other non-mouse species, Faith is very good friends with the Princess of Mousedom, Rachelle

*She has a small crush on Basil of Baker Street, but she keeps this to herself (Dinah loves to tease her about it)

*She isn't a very good maid, but she is an excellent nurse

Dinah Hawkins

Fur color: Light brown with a white underbelly

Hair: Dark brown and up in a loose bun

Eyes: Hazel

Ethnicity: American

Species: Gerbil

Occupation: Maid, kitchen assistant

Weapon of Choice: Frying pan

Bases: Jane Porter (Tarzan), Princess Mia (from the Princess Diaries), Evangeline (from Nanny McPhee)

Voice: Ellen Page

Appearance: Dinah is small and rotund with lots of curves as such it's hard to find things that can fit her nicely. She usually wears her uniform, but she can tailor nice dresses to wear on special occasions. She also wears a bell on the base of her tail (sort of a thing with gerbils)

*Dinah is kind and outgoing, and also very energetic

* She loves food, and she adores working in the kitchens. She works very hard despite her small rounder size

*She absolutely adores children

*She can be a bit ditzy at times, but hops right to her duties when gently reminded

*She just loves to tease Faith, and considers the mouse to be her best friend

*She may also have a small crush on Faith, but is too shy to say anything to her

*She has a very perverted sense of humor
On the Road Bios: The Bazalgette Staff
These characters already have bios, but I've redone them so they don't suck as much as they did. The characters listed here are not the only ones showing up in the fic, but are the most central to the overall story and universe the fic takes place in. And, OMG, some of them aren't mice! Da fuq??

Remember that Disney is responsible for my fangirl trash, and the only things I really own here are these characters.
So, I'm sick as hell. And to make up for it, I'm watching South Park. What has my life become?

Anyways I hope you guys have an awesome holiday and all that. I'm also going to be working on an art trade. You know who you are. :3


have a good holiday, ya'll
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  • Watching: Son of Sinbad (So bad it's awesome)
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Hello all. My name is Holly, but you may refer to me as Wings. I am a struggling writer and music major with a varied amount of interests including many Disney movies (mainly the Great Mouse Detective, seriously that's all my gallery is right about now), various musical tastes, and movies. I love all things retro and old-fashioned, and that includes old movies. I love to write and draw (I am significantly better at one than the other. I'll leave you to guess which that is. I think we all know, though. xD). Don't be afraid to message me! I don't bite! not much, anyways...

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Ratigan chuckled to himself as he snuck in the dark shadows of the tall buildings, making his way towards Sarah's bakery as the sun began to set below the horizon. He had been watching her for some time today, and he thought his little surprise for her he had waiting back at his lair would be the perfect thing to help her relax. Grinning to himself and purring at the images pertaining to his planned evening, he hid himself in some bushes, waiting for when Sarah would close down her bakery and it would be safe for him to come knocking.

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